Soft Meter Hybrid - Launching in 2018 !

As taxi fleets continue to adapt to secure more riding public new technologies are being developed to assist in growing your customer base. Centrodyne’s Soft Meter Hybrid allows for a swift “plug & play” installation to facilitate the flexible addition of drivers and vehicles at a moment’s notice. Our Hybrid metering solution combines trusted, secured and accurate fares using our plug-in OBD* black box with our Soft Meter APP installed on a tablet or smartphone.

Soft Meter Hybrid"Soft Meter Application

Adaptive technology that allows for last minute vehicle/driver additions to your fleet as well as maintaining the functionality of Centrodyne’s conventional taximeters such as interface to dispatch system, rear seat credit card terminal, and more. Wireless connection allows for instant fleet control of rates, trip data retrieval, system control and more. Multiple stored rates as well as rates “on the fly” are available. In addition, our API is available for integration with other systems. In our age of “industry disruption”, we offer you another tool to carve out market segments for your benefit and to better compete for and serve your clients.

*OBD: On Board Diagnostic connector under dash on 2008 or newer vehicles provides electronic access to engine and vehicle data.